Saturday, January 17, 2015

More LZHAM v1.0 progress

I'm currently seeing overall decompression speedups around 1.8x - 3.8x faster vs. previous LZHAM releases on Unity asset bundle files. On relatively incompressible files (like MP3's), it's around 2-2.3x faster, and 30-40% faster on enwik9. This is on a Core i7, I'll have statistics on iOS devices early next week.

I'm removing some experimental stuff in LZHAM that adds little to no real value:

- Got rid of all the Polar coding stuff and some misc. leftover params (like the cacheline modeling stuff)

- No more literal prediction, or delta literal predictions, for slightly faster decoding, lower memory usage, and faster initialization of the decompressor.

- Reduced is_match contexts from 768 to 12. The loss in ratio was a fraction of a percent (if any), but the decompressor can be initialized more quickly and the inner loop is slightly simplified because the prev/prev_prev decoded chars don't need to be tracked any more.

Just 2 main Huffman tables for literals/delta literals now, instead of 128 tables (!) like the previous releases. The tiny improvement in ratio (if any on many files) just didn't justify all the extra complexity. The decompressor's performance is now more stable (i.e. not so dependent on the data being compressed) and I don't need to worry about optimizing the initialization of a zillion Huff tables during the decoder's init.

I'm adding several optional, but extremely useful comp/decomp params:

// Controls tradeoff between ratio and decompression throughput. 0=default, or [1,LZHAM_MAX_TABLE_UPDATE_RATE], higher=faster but lower ratio.
lzham_uint32 m_table_update_rate;

m_table_update_rate is a higher level/simpler way of controlling these 2 optional params:

// Advanced settings - set to 0 if you don't care.
// def=64, typical range 12-128, controls the max interval between table updates, higher=longer interval between updates (faster decode/lower ratio)
lzham_uint32 m_table_max_update_interval;

// def=16, 8 or higher, scaled by 8, controls the slowing of the update update freq, higher=more rapid slowing (faster decode/lower ratio), 8=no slowing at all.
lzham_uint32 m_table_update_interval_slow_rate;

These parameters allow the user to tune the scheduling of the Huffman table updates. The out of the box defaults now cause much less frequent table updating than previous releases. The overall ratio change from the slowest (more frequent) to fastest setting is around 1%. The speed difference during decompression from the slowest to fastest setting is around 2-3x.

Next up: going to generate some CSV files to make some nice graphs, then the iOS and (eventually) Android ports.

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