Thursday, August 9, 2012

Left 4 Dead 2 Linux at SIGGRAPH 2012

I did a presentation at the OpenGL BoF at SIGGRAPH 2012 last night, here's a page with a good summary and a couple pics:

The slides (currently in low quality PDF format – we’re working on getting this fixed) are here:

The batch trace videos shown at the talk are located on this YouTube channel:

We actually only had time to show 1 video at the talk (the combined one containing each separate trace video as a separate column in a single video). This channel contains all 3 traces and the combined video.

Putting together a presentation like this was a surprising amount of work, and there was a bunch of last minute stress configuring the Linux laptop and the projector to play nice. Also, we somehow temporarily lost audio on the laptop while testing before the event (which of course never happened while testing at home/work). Thanks to a driver developer from NVidia, and Mike Sartain from Valve, for quickly figuring out the problem and saving the day.