Sunday, November 25, 2012

Released crunch v1.04

I finally checked in all the modified "crunch" code that's been sitting on my hard drive for months. The most significant changes are related to adding support for the .KTX file format, and basic support for the ETC1 block compression format supported by many Android devices. (I say "basic" because only vanilla block by block compression is supported in ETC1 mode.) I also finally added a simple makefile for Linux.

I don't plan on spending any more time with ETC1 right now, because PVRTC seems far more important. ETC1 is a pure block format so it was fairly easy and fun to get working.

I also added miniz and my JPEG codec into crnlib, so crunch can now read progressive JPEG's and write .PNG files.

I regression tested this release in .CRN and RDO DXTc (clustered DXTc) mode under Linux/Windows, so I'm pretty confident I didn't break the core functionality. I made a bunch of higher level changes (which are difficult/tricky to fully test) however, so here's hoping I didn't break things too much.