Sunday, January 25, 2015

LZHAM v1.0 released on github


I haven't merged over the XCode project yet, but it's fully compatible with OSX now. Also, LZHAM v1.0 is not backwards compatible with the previous alpha version.


  1. Any ETA on the Xcode project?
    And that might be a stupid question, but do you mean the API of v1.0 will not be backwards compatible, or also the compression itself i.e. will it be possible to decompress files that have been compressed with a previous alpha version?

  2. All new v1.x releases will be both forwards and backwards compatible with streams read/written by v1.0. I'm currently working on v1.1, which has substantially faster compression and higher ratios, but it can still unpack streams written by v1.0, and v1.0 can always unpack streams written by v1.1. (I know how important bitstream format compatibility is.)

    For xcode, I'm going to do this before I release v1.1, which is almost there. Some folks have told me they used my cmake files on OSX, FWIW. I use OSX every day at work so I have no more excuses. ;-)