Wednesday, March 12, 2014

zip64 version of the miniz library released as part of the vogl codebase

miniz is my (mostly) drop-in zlib replacement library:

Anyhow, the version of miniz on Google Code only supports zip32, but I added full support for zip64 and a bunch of other features in my spare time last year. I used vogl to test the new code, which you can find the source to here:

The files are marked ".cpp" but it's just plain C code. I need to re-run the latest new code through a C compiler again, but there shouldn't be anything in there that C can't handle. If there is I'll fix it. zip64 was a real pain to fully implement, and next time I will definitely choose a cleaner archive format.

I need to extract this code from the vogl codebase (should be relatively easy as miniz is an independent blob of code) and do a standalone release at some point.

miniz is probably one of my most popular open source libraries. Between all the Microsoft games that used my earlier lossless codecs (Age of Empires 1/2, Halo 3 and I think one of its sequels, Forza 2, Halo Wars) and miniz my compression code has found its way into a bunch of shipped products. One of my other compression libs (picojpeg) is now in orbit on the Skycube nano-satellite, which should be fully deployed from the ISS by the end of the month after its shakedown period is over. I do compression stuff purely for the fun of it so it's pretty cool to see what people wind up doing with it.


  1. Hi Rich,
    Since I can't find a standalone version with zip64, I suppose you never got around to do it? :)
    If not, is this version's API the same as the previous version?

  2. I'm also interested in stand alone of zip64. Can we talk about it?

    1. You can find it here: