Sunday, February 4, 2018

10 abusive company types

These categories were originally about abusive men, but my friend Stephanie noticed these categories could be adapted to describe abusive companies, too. From the book "Why Does He Do That?":

1. Drill Sergeant: Micromanages you, wants to control everything.

2. Mr. Sensitive: Builds up a public image of being a great company so people think you're crazy if you criticize them.

3. The Water Torturer: Is an expert at not doing anything OBVIOUSLY wrong, you feel wronged but can't pinpoint why and wonder if you're crazy.

4. The Demand Man (or Company): Everything seems fine if you never ask for anything, like a raise. If you do that, you're suddenly painted as ungrateful and treated poorly.

5. Mr. Right: Everything is fine so long as you don't question the company's actions or say anything critical about them.

6. The Player: Never lets you feel like the job is stable. Acts interested in you only to hook you in, then you're neglected and treated poorly again.

7. Rambo: Treats everyone like shit, but tells you you're special and an exception.

8. The Victim: You caused the company so much trouble, you really messed up that one time, any mistreatment happening to you now is making up for that.

9. The Terrorist: Reminds you of the power they have to ruin your career or life, so you better not go against them.

10. Bipolar: The company oscillates between being angry and then happy with you depending on the state of your current project. They become angry when a problem is identified, and when you fix it they are temporarily happy.

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