Monday, October 3, 2016

ETC2 planar block only output created with etcpak

Bartosz Taudul (etcpak author) sent these ETC2 planar block only encodings in a reply to my previous post. For planar-only they look amazing!

Note: I've verified these images myself by hacking etcpak's ProcessRGB_ETC2() function to immediately "return result.first" after it calls Planar( src ); It returns all planar blocks in this case. I've verified this by generating a histogram of the used ETC1/2 modes in all the encoded blocks.

Hey GPU texture format engineers: Come on, give us more basis functions to play with! I'm starting to look more deeply at ETC2 encoded textures, and a surprising amount of blocks in some textures are using planar mode vs. the other ETC2 modes.

He also says that etcpak uses planar blocks quite often (blue indicates a planar block):

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