Wednesday, September 21, 2016

ETC1/2 vs. DXT1 texture compression benchmark

I'm using the same testing tool, dataset and methodology explained in my ETC1/2 benchmark. In this benchmark, I've added in my vanilla (non-RDO/CRN) DXT1 block encoder (really, its DXT1 endpoint optimizer class), which is derived from crunch's.

In 2009 my DXT1 encoder was as good or better than all available DXT1 compressors that I tested it against, such as squish, ATI Compressonator, NVidia's original and old NVDXT libary, and D3DX's. Not sure how much change has occurred in DXT1 compression since that time. I can also throw in other DXT1 encoders if there's interest.

RGB error metrics:

Here's just ETC2 vs. DXT1:

This is fascinating!

Next up: BC7.


  1. These are awesome!

    If it's not hard, it would be neat to see the average PSNR for each encoder across the entire corpus.


  2. Easy - I'll get this up this afternoon.