Monday, February 8, 2021

Graphing length of introduced matches in the BC7 ERT

I'm starting to graph what's going on with this awesome little lossy BC7 block data transform (in bc7enc_rdo). Lets look at some match length histograms:

The window size was only 128 bytes (8 BC7 blocks). 3 byte matches is the minimum Deflate match length. 16 byte matches replicate entire BC7 blocks. Not sure why there's a noticeable peak at 10 bytes.

Entire block replacements are super valuable at these lambdas. The ERT in bc7enc_rdo weights matches of any sort way more than literals. If some nearby previous block is good enough it makes perfect sense to use it.

One thing I think would be easily added to the transform: If there's a match at the end of the previous block, try to continue/extend it by weighting the bytes following the copied bytes in the window a little more cheaply (to coax the transform towards extending the match).

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