Sunday, April 1, 2018

Basis GPU format support update

Our goal is to support all the GPU formats (literally). Here's an update on our format support:

We just added PVRTC1 4bpp and BC7 support. PVRTC1 quality is approximately equal to PVRTexTool's middle setting ("good"), and significantly better than its lower two settings. Max quality in BC7 mode is currently limited to BC1/ETC1-grade quality levels (what we're calling "baseline" quality).

We've devised several ways of improving the max quality to near-BC7 grade by storing extra data in the .basis file. (You can't get something for nothing!) This high quality data would be optional, so users that don't care about super high quality levels can disable it and the codec will just transcode the baseline data to BC7 instead.

Here's what we support transcoding .basis into right now, in order of transcoding speed from fastest to slowest:
  • ETC1 
  • BC1 
  • BC3-5 
  • BC7: RGB 
  • PVRTC1 4bpp RGB 
Here are the formats we're going to eventually support in order of importance (with no changes to the .basis format needed):
  • PVRTC1 4bpp RGBA 
  • ETC2 RGBA 
  • BC7: RGBA 
  • PVRTC1 2bpp RGB/RGBA 
None of these formats require raw RGB/RGBA pixel processing during transcoding, i.e. we aren't just using real-time GPU format compressors here. Transcoding occurs at the level of GPU blocks, endpoints, and selector/modulation values.

At some point, we're going to boost quality above baseline, to better exploit BC7/ASTC. Most of our early users of this tech (which aren't native game apps) are happy with baseline quality, so the priority of doing this is relatively low. (Games will probably want BC7/ASTC specific codecs anyway.) We are designing the .basis format with this eventual goal, so when we add "enhanced quality" support we won't break compatibility with older baseline-only transcoders.

We'll be posting benchmarks comparing .basis to crunch (and Unity's crunch) and releasing WebAssembly (or asm.js) demos within the upcoming weeks.

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