Thursday, November 23, 2017

Universal GPU texture format: DXT5 support

Got grayscale ETC1 to DXT5A conversion working, using a small table. This work is for DXT5 support in the universal texture format. Now that this is working I can proceed to finishing the full universal encoder. 

Note none of these images were created with my best ETC1 encoder. They use an early prototype from late 2016 that has so-so quality. The main point of these experiments is to prove that the idea is workable.

All stats are dB vs. the original image. This image's subtle gradients are hard to handle, you can see this in the DXT1 version.

To those who argue that a universal GPU texture format that is based off ETC1/DXT1 isn't high quality enough: You would be amazed at the low quality levels teams use with crunch/Basis. This tech isn't about achieving highest texture quality. It's about enabling easy distribution of supercompressed GPU texture data. It's a "JPEG-like format for GPU texture data", usable on mobile or desktop. 


ETC1 near-optimal 48.903

ETC1S 46.322 (universal format base image in ETC1 mode)

ETC1S->DXT1 45.664

ETC1S green channel converted to DXT5A (43.878)


ETC1 near-optimal 51.141

ETC1S 46.461

ETC1S->DXT1 44.865

ETC1S green channel converted to DXT5A 46.107

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