Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I love ebikes

Here's me ebiking to work at Boss Fight Entertainment in McKinney, TX, on a custom ebike built from parts acquired from ebikes.ca. In this video, I was only running at around 40v 20a, and the rest of the power was coming from peddling (me!). I eventually pushed the controller to its limit (100v), and switched from A123 LiFe cells to the much more "touchy" LiPo chemistry.

Dallas turned out to be a wonderfully ebike friendly area. There are endless miles and miles of golf cart trails, bike/walking trails, and virtually unused streets all over the Dallas metroplex. Also, I was almost invisible in Dallas as an ebiker. (Which is both good, and bad.)


  1. That looks pretty fast, what are the typical speeds an ebike goes at?

  2. Typical (and legal) in the US is up to 20mph in most states. At 40v I think the max speed was around 22mph without pedaling. At 100v I could go way over that if I wanted (and was crazy enough) to do so.

  3. I took my ebike out for a spin on NYE to test out my new GoPro 5. Made it about half way to White Rock from Plano before I remembered I had to be at a party that night. Hopefully I can get a full recording to there in the next week, given we've had warmer weather lately