Monday, November 28, 2016

Why Age3 used low poly skinned meshes

Age3 used CPU skinning of relatively low poly models (even in "high" model mode). To help improve this technical design misstep made by the Age3 team (before I joined the team near the end of production) I rewrote the skinning code to be multithreaded. Unfortunately, by the time I came on board the artists had already created a ton of low poly skinned meshes.

I also built the skinning DLL with Intel's compiler, so I was able to easily rewrite all the skinning code using SSE1/2 ops using compiler intrinsics. Back in those days MSVC's support for vector intrinsics was weaker than Intel's compiler. (I'm also the developer to blame for Age3's SSE requirement, which bit some owners of very early AMD processors who otherwise could have played the title at low frame rates.)

Anyhow, I mention this because if you play Age3 today, like on a 4k monitor, the game's terrain and other effects hold up pretty well. Except the skinned character models look terribly low poly by comparison. On Halo Wars I used GPU skinning, instanced rendering, and I heavily jobified the animation system.

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