Friday, May 13, 2016

More company culture quotes from Disrupted

Interesting quotes from Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble (which I'm only 1/3rd through):
"I've been warned that at a place like HubSpot the worst thing you can say is anything that was done at your last company is something we should think about doing here. Even if your last company was Google or Apple, nobody at HubSpot wants to be told, especially by some newcomer, some outsider, that there might be a better way. HubSpot is HubSpot. It's unique. It's different. HubSpot has its own way of doing things. We're rethinking everything. We're challenging all the assumptions. We're not just making software, we're reinventing the way companies do business."
A funny take on HubSpot's usage of the DISC personality test:
"Managers, people like Zack, get the same training that I'm getting, but then they go to an extra class where they learn how to use DISC when they are managing people. Try to image the calamity of that: Zack, age twenty-eight, with no management experience, gets training from Dave, a weekend rock guitarist, on how to apply a set of fundamentally unsound psychological principles as a way to manipulate the people who report to him."
It's crazy what people will do for money.

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