Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The great github migration

I've just migrated most of my projects from the sinking ship that is Google Code, but the wikis and files aren't setup yet:

The wiki data was auto-migrated into the "wiki" branch.

I haven't migrated LZHAM alpha (used by Planetside 2) yet. Still deciding if I should just archive it somewhere instead because it's a dead branch (LZHAM now lives here, and the much faster compressing development branch is here).


  1. It should be possible to add the LZHAM alphas on a divergent branch of the main github repository. I'll add, the same LZHAM alpha version is used by H1Z1, since the engine is from Planetside.

  2. Hi, miniz repo on github is still the code from 2013, are you planning on putting the new miniz up there? (ie with zip64)

    Also there are a *lot* of other miniz repo clones on github now. Any way of linking them all up as forks of your "master" repo?