Wednesday, February 4, 2015

7zip 9.38 custom codec plugin for LZHAM 1.0

Igor Pavlov and the devs at gave me some pointers on how to create a custom 7z codec DLL. Here's the first 32-bit build of the 7zip custom codec plugin DLL, compatible with 7zip 9.38 beta x86 (note I've updated this with 1 decompressor bugfix since the first release a couple days ago):

To use this: install 9.38 beta (I got it from, manually create a subdirectory named "Codecs" in your install directory (i.e. "C:\Program Files (x86)\7-Zip\Codecs"), and extract LzhamCodec.DLL into this directory. If you run "7z i" you should see this:

Lib ID Name
0 C 303011B BCJ2
0 C 3030103 BCJ
0 C 3030205 PPC
0 C 30401 PPMD
0 40301 Rar1
0 40302 Rar2
0 40303 Rar3
0 C 6F10701 7zAES
0 C 6F00181 AES256CBC1 C 90101 LZHAM

The ID used in this DLL (90101) may change - I'm working this out with Igor.

This version's command line parameters are similar to 7z-lzham 9.20:

-mx=[0,9] - Controls LZHAM compression level, dictionary size, and extreme parsing. -mx=9 enables the best of 4 ("extreme" parser), which can be very slow.

-mx0=lzham_level:0, dict_size_log2:18
1=0,20 (fastest)
8=4,26 (slowest - the default)
9=4,26 best of 4 parsing (even slower)

-mt=on/off or integer - Controls threading (default=on)

-ma=[0,1] - Deterministic parsing. 1=on (default=off)

-md=64K, etc. - Override dictionary size. If you don't set this the dictionary size is inferred via the -mx=# parameter setting.

Example usage:

7z -m0=LZHAM -mx=8 a temp *.dll

To use LZHAM from the GUI, you can put custom parameters on the command line (without -m prefixes), i.e.: "0=bcj 1=lzham x=8". (I think you can only specify algorithm and level options here.) Note if you set the Compression Level pulldown to "Ultra" LZHAM will use best of 4 (extreme) parsing and be pretty slow, so the highest you probably want to use is "Maximum":

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